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On this homepage you will find information about the society, upcoming conferences and news about ongoing local and nationwide events within neuropsychology. Watch out for news and save a link to us on your PC. Contributions to our homepage are welcome, please contact our webmaster. There is also information (mainly in Swedish) about ongoing events, articles and reports in our membership journal, Svensk Neuropsykologi , issued four to six times a year. Read about national events in the Kalendarium and information about upcoming conferences within the field of neuropsychology is found in Konferenser.


There is a big interest for neuropsychology in Sweden. About 800 persons, clinicians as well as scientists are members of the society.  2009 we celebrated the 20:th anniversary of the society.


The heart of the society lies in the work of the local regions /-/ the south, west, east and north. The northern region has a widespread area and a small population which diminishes the activity, but in the other areas monthly seminars and meetings are popular events. Once a year we meet for a national meeting of the society, the Riksstämma. 2011 it it toke place in Växjö under the headline of "social abilities - development, dysfunction and treatment". We were happy to be able to welcome Professor George Prigatano, Phoenix, dr Malinda Carpenter, Leipzig and Dr Martin Brüne, Bochum, who together with the Swedish lecturers gave this conference a high quality. The slides of their presentation will eventually be found in our archive, together with slides from past lectures.


In the international collaboration our chairman Christine Johansson is representing the society in The Federation of the European Neuropsychological Societies (ENS).  The International Neuropsychological Society, INS, had a mid-year meting in Oslo 2011, were Jarl Risberg and Roger Carlsson represented the society in the executive committee.


SNPF elects a lecturer of the year. The lecturer of 2011 was Sarah Blakemore, London, who gave a comprehensive and appreciated lecture in the four regional regions under the heading "development of the social brain in adolescence". 


The annual membership fee is 300 SEK (200 SEK for students, supporting member and retired members). Contact the webmaster if you want to apply for a membership.






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